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Gambling supplies uk

Gambling supplies uk harrahscasino

Loose Poker Chips 14G Monte Carlo Casino Design. Started mid October to help cope with the ever busy gamling of packing of orders, especially timed for Christmas.

Casino Shop Acelink Communications Ltd. All orders are placed through our own SSL secured server. Casino-Shop was the first and remains the UK's largest dedicated supplier of gambling products for the home and corporate entertainment market. The business is registered as: Acelink Communications Limited registration number and VAT registration number GB Our registered address our accountants is: Charter House, Leigh Road, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, SS9 1JL.

Our standard casino hotel orleans review hours are: Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm. We are usually closed on all public holidays for the United Kingdom. Outside of these hours you need to make a prior appointment with us, or there is an answer phone to leave us a message. Our main warehouse is located at:. PC House, 97 St.

Johns Road, Westcliff-on-Sea, SS0 7JY. Gambling supplies of where gambling are. Below you can find a brief summary of the gambling supplies that will look after your order with our company:. Simon Rush - Owner. Involved in games professionally since September when he started his own company writing and publishing sports computer games. Interested in poker as a home game for leisure since seeing the idea on multiple American TV programmes, but only discovered Texas Hold 'Em in January and has subject to time and other matters been regularly playing online and live ever since.

Georgina Blaker - Book keeper. Started 3rd November and manages most of Poker Shop's bought and sales ledger accounts. She works part time hours 11am to 2. James Davis - Web Organiser. Started 2nd July ; James is currently working behind the scenes on improving various websites. Angela Lidbury - Warehouse Assistant.

Started 27th October ; Angela has been a reliable picker and packer who only works during non-school terms. Lena O'Kell - Machine Operator. Started 7th February ; Lena has mostly operated the machine that customises chips in the morning shift but also helps at busy times pick packing. Maureen - Warehouse Assistant. Started mid October to help cope with the ever busy job of packing of orders, especially timed for Christmas.

Brief company history and significant events. The idea to create a dedicated supplier of casino equipment was born from owner's attendance and enjoyment at a charity fun casino. First purchase of casino equipment from America. First machine to print chips was purchased, gambling supplies uk. First casino hire completed, actually 2 charity events very close together followed by several gambling supplies party events. This created a whole new unexpected business idea.

This can be verified on the whois register. First corporate fun casino event successfully catered for a local business with equipment more like a real casino. First purchase of casino equipment from Asia. Corporate hire successfully fulfils 50 table fun casino event on behalf of IBM USA at the Hilton Metropole Edgware Road. This was for one parley gambling only and was larger than any real UK casino.

First purchase of dedicated van. A 2nd hand high top long wheel based Mercedes Sprinter. Owner decides to concentrate on casino businesses and make previous business operating since September of writing computer games dormant. This company supplied approximately 50, private mail orders and developed over 20 products. Many more units went to wholesale for retail sale during 13 years of business.

Started to sell a selected range of our products on ebay. Purchased and installed a semi automatic chip printing machine. Private casino hire business sold to Matthew Neil. Doubled size of storage with additional rented warehouse. Sold our ebay business to another company because of punitive margins achieved whilst maintaining high standard level of service to customers. Purchased a new warehouse doubling storage capacity.

Moved the majority of stock and day to gambling supplies operations into new warehouse. Code bonus pour casino riva goods remain borgata casino craps the former premises.

Received another offer from an ebay poker chip trader to buy there slow selling and ever decreasing valued poker stock. Purchase a brand new Ford high top long wheel based van. Received 3rd offer from a small poker shop competitor casino-supplies that wished to sell us there liquidated poker and casino stock. Additional storage space rented to cope with continued growth. Another heavily promoted Ebay trader ceases trading because of financial difficulty.

Bought surplus stock from Ebay trader who 1st approached us December 05 to buy the majority of the stock that he was unable to resell cost effectively. Bought redundant stock from Ebay trader who closed down their business in July Yet another Ebay trader badbeat giving up the business and approach us to buy their hard to sell stock.

Our largest rival is quietly put up for sale we only discover this several months later and make some enquiries. As a result we are informed that poker-shop is the market leader. After a chat with the owner and some accounts are overviewed we subsequently make an offer to take over this smaller competitor.

Unfortunately, after indicating and being offered pretty much what was first verbally said to be acceptable albeit with conditional terms the gambling supplies suddenly gives unrealistic expectations that destined the offer to failure thereafter. With the start of the credit crunch the corporate entertainment market became one of the areas hardest hit; trade subsequently tails off during this year.

The largest rival fails to make any sale of their business and they come to an agreement with another long established real casino equipment supplier to store their stock and fulfil gambling supplies websites orders; we pick up several new trade customers as a mresult of this change in their logistics.

As trade continues to decline less full time staff are employed through natural wastage. We discover our formally biggest supplies now makes a deal with another competitor to effectively withdraw from the market by selling their remaining stock to them. Another rival that did a lot of trade in reselling withdraws from the marketplace to concentrate on more profitable lines. As a result of this several small competitors also disappear or end up dealing with poker-shop and encourages in a slight increase in trade during this year.

Gambling supplies significant events to date. Overall trade appears to be gambling supplies uk a similar level to the previous year

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