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What does double down mean in gambling

What does double down mean in gambling colorado belle casino nv

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What does Double Down mean?. Companies experiencing subscriber losses and disappointing. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? In the card game Blackjack:. Double down: Double the wager, take exactly one more card, and then stand. In context to your example, it means they usually will not start or risk spending more than planned. What Does Class iii casino games Down Mean.

Just like in blackjack, in life, sometimes we "double down" when the stakes are high. Meaning, we will risk A LOT for just that one last shot. To save wnat relationship, to use all the money we hwat to finish our education, etc. We will go through great lengths hoping the outcome will worth the risk. Doubling down is a card term and it means to double your wager because you feel that you have a good hand. It could also mean taking a risk or going the extra mile to resolve a problem, but finding one's self in a worse situation even.

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I think this comment violates the Terms of Service. What does "double down" mean? What does "Double Down" mean tambling it applies to things other what does double down mean in gambling poker? What does 'double down' mean?

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Our gambling expert explains what that means and when to do it in this video. Knowing when to double down greatly increases your odds of winning. In an earlier we went over some basic strategy for Blackjack. double down (third-person singular simple present doubles down, present participle doubling down, simple past and past participle doubled down). (idiomatic, gambling) To double one's wager. In particular, it is the name of a specific doubling bet allowed in blackjack. double down. to engage in risky behavior, especially when one is already in a dangerous situation. In what situations this is allowed and/or advicable varies somewhat depending on the casino, but if no card counting is done, it's usually a good move on all hands totaling 11 and some totaling.

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