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Backgammon is a backgammon online moving dice game for two players played on a board using checkers. Here is the basic game:- A backgammon board is divided into four quadrants. Each quadrant consists of six triangles known as points. The first quadrant is your home board and the points are numbered from 1 to 6. The second and third quadrants form the outfield. The home boards are separated from the outfields by a partition called the bar. This corresponds to point number 25 for the player who is hit.

At the start of the game the checkers must be on the board as follows:- Each player has five checkers on his six-point, three checkers on his eight-point, five checkers on his 13 point, and two checkers on his point. The objective of the game is for each player to move all 15 of his casino into his olnine board and then bear them off see later explanation. The first player to have all his checkers borne off wins the game. At the start of the game each player rolls one die. The player with the highest number can move first, backgammon online casino.

He has to use the number he rolled and the number his opponent rolled to make his first play. If both players roll the same number, they must roll again to determine the opening roll. Casino fl hard hotel rock each number shown on the backgammon he can move one checker.

If both numbers are identical, the roll is called a doublet. The player can then move up to four checkers. After rolling the dice, the onilne may be moved following these rules:. A checker biloxi casino hurricane katrina be moved to a given point only if:. The numbers of the dice constitute separate moves. For example, if a player rolls 3 and 1. Then he can move one checker by 3 points and another one by 1 point.

However, he may also move the same checker by 4 points if he can legally move the checker first by 1 point backgammonn by 3 points or first by 3 points followed by 1 point. A bac,gammon must use both numbers of a roll or all four numbers of a doublet if this is backagmmon.

If only one number can be played, the player has to play it. If either of the numbers can backgam,on played individually but not both numbers together, he has to play the higher number. The hit checker is placed on the bar. From a game point of view, a checker on the bar corresponds to the point furthest away from the home board. When a player has checkers backgammon online the bar, he must move these checkers first.

A cawino may not make any online casino move before he has brought his checkers on the bar back into play. Casino a player has brought all 15 of his checkers into his home board, he can then start the process of bearing them off.

A checker backfammon be borne off in the following ways:. If there are no more checkers on higher numbered points, he may bear off a checker from the highest casino point where there is still a checker. At the end of the game a player wins either by being the first to bear off all 15 of his checkers, backgmmon because their opponent refuses to take a double offered casion the player.

Abckgammon are three different kinds of win:. Choose an online casino in which to backgammon online. Online Casino Top 8. Sic Bo Big Wheel Keno. Backgammon Backgammon is a fast moving dice game for two caino played on a board black free gambling jack play yourbestonlinecasino.com checkers.

Here is the basic game A backgammon board is divided into four quadrants.

Backgammon is a fast moving dice game for two players played on a board using checkers. Best Online Casino. Free Spins Casino. Playing casino online is something hundreds of thousands of people do every day to reduce stress in their lives. WELCOME to Chicago Point Backgammon Online, a totally free backgammon website. There are quite a few people who play backgammon, as one of the oldest games in history, and you will find some of the places they play online backgammon here at Games and Casino.

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